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Kiwanis Peanut Day participants

Written by Amanda C.
December 3, 2020

LIFE has a lot of great activities and clubs that participants can be a part of, but I think the most popular and exciting club to be involved in is Aktion Club. Started in 2000 with the help of the chairman and treasurer Bill Jenkins, the Aktion Club gives LIFE participants the opportunity to help their community and make a difference in our world.

Bill Jenkins is also is part of the Kiwanis Club which partners with Aktion Club. Both of these clubs do something important. They get involved in the community and help those in need by hosting fundraisers or serving food to those who are less fortunate.

Just like on a school student council, each person in the club has a different role leading the group to succeed in whatever project they may initiate. These roles are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

This year just like the presidential election, we filled out a ballot and selected our club leaders. I am pleased to announce the 2020-2022 Aktion Club leaders. Our president is me (Amanda C.), Vice President is Stephanie P., Secretary Linda R., and Treasurer Sarah L.

We also have four directors and two LIFE advisors, Jessica Razee and Bill Jenkins, to help the president run the board meetings. These roles include LIFE participant  Jon D. who will serve as Sergeant at Arms, and our four directors are Margaret C., Jill C., Mara S., and Kevin N.

We want to make this year’s Aktion Club the best one yet! We are planning our first community service project, Sleeping Children Around the World. This organization feeds starving children who are lucky if they get one meal a day just to survive. Our goal is to send money to this organization so we can save those children from starvation.

Last year, we selected Peanut Day and sold pretzels and peanuts to raise money to support organizations in need like this one. The Aktion Club raised a total of $450. I hope this year we can make a bigger difference, not just in our community but all around the world.

Amanda C., originally from Chicago, is a resident of the LIFE Mashpee community. Her favorite things to do is work out with LIFE’s fitness trainers and be part of LIFE’s Special Olympics team. She is in the Special Olympics Hall of Fame and was selected as one of four Special Olympics swimmers to attend the 2015 World Games, where she won a couple of medals. Amanda enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, sports, working out, and watching Wheel of Fortune.


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