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Laurentide at Mashpee Commons, which is located on Great Neck Road South in Mashpee, has consistently supported the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce as a community partner since it opened in 2018. Events that Laurentide has sponsored include La Tavola and the Christmas Parade. For those who may be wondering, Laurentide which opened its doors locally in 2018, offers independent and assisted living for senior citizens who may who have Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss.

Living Independently Forever, Inc. (LIFE) is also located in Mashpee, just a fraction of a mile further down the road from Laurentide. LIFE is a supportive independent living community for adults with developmental differences — such as autism, learning and intellectual disabilities — who need further support. LIFE first made its way to Mashpee more than twenty years ago, and the program has been thriving since.

Staff at LIFE work with their residents to help find employment within the community. When Laurentide found its way to Mashpee four years ago, it was no surprise that LIFE employment counselors were eager get their clients employed by this new business. I interviewed Ben Mouradian, who has been a LIFE resident since 2018.

He says what really helped him secure this job was previous experience in working with food, and successful obtaining his ServSafe Certificate. Working at Laurentide has helped Ben improve his multitasking and how to properly serve food. Ben mentions that being employed at Laurentide has also improved his etiquette; it has helped him grow and be a better person; he understands people for who they are.

One of the biggest things that Ben enjoys about working at Laurentide is that he’s able to give back to the community. He says the residents he works with were once so independent, and now they need the extra support; Ben wants to improve the quality of their final days. Ben adds that one of his grandfathers had Alzheimer’s and that he had assisted with his care before he passed away; this is one of the things that connects him to Laurentide.

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Another one of the things Ben enjoys is when he is having fun and dancing with the cooks and listening to his coworker Chef John singing Motown, along with other oldies. He appreciates that he is able to work hard and still have fun with his co-workers and managers. Working with the staff and residents makes him feel inspired, and it’s an easy commute; just a short walk from LIFE.

Ben’s advice for those who are looking for work is to keep trying and don’t give up. This sentiment could not be truer. Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, with numerous unknown variables, those who are looking for employment should continue to do so. Make connections in the community and network with those who might be in the know.

About the author:

Becki G. was born and raised in Framingham, MA where she attended a school for the Deaf all throughout childhood. She first moved to LIFE at Mashpee in 2010 and enjoys the support she gets from the staff on campus. She likes reading on her Kindle, taking pictures of nature, listening to music, streaming TV shows, and writing on her blog.



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Living Independently Forever, Inc. is a non-profit with multiple locations throughout Southeast Massachusetts supporting adults with autism, learning disabilities, and intellectual disabilities in their pursuit of a happy, independent life.

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