Jolly Jaunt 2016

The 2016 Jolly Jaunt was a special one for the LIFE community—the group had the most representatives of any team at the Conference Center in Hyannis. Most importantly, however, was the fact the LIFE raised the most money amongst a very generous and hardworking pool of runners this year. Being the top team in terms of fundraising is no small feat. With Kim Cassim and Ian Saarmann coordinating the efforts, the residents came through with a strong philanthropic effort, vaulting LIFE to the top of the fundraising list.

The top fundraisers from LIFE included Anthony M., Jillian F., Amanda C., Courtney S., Jeff L., Blaire, Margaret C., Aaron A., Matt K., Alex C., Jill C., John D., Abby T. and Joe R.. This money directly funds the Massachusetts Special Olympics sports programs, providing uniforms, equipment and travel opportunities for these incredible athletes.

The afternoon was cold and windy, but the scenic view through Hyannis once again did not disappoint. Runners climbed the soft rolling hills, enjoying the view and the energetic atmosphere. John D. and Amanda C. were the first two LIFE residents to cross the finish line, and as the last members of the group grabbed their medals and their water bottles and headed in for hot coco and soup inside, there was an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Mary Beth McMahon, the President and CEO of Special Olympics Massachusetts, and Angela Cezalli, a dedicated volunteer for SO over the years and the individual responsible for coordinating the Jaunt, both spoke candidly about the event and passed out awards afterward. Our own Jeffrey Leonard was asked to speak, and gave a heartfelt speech to a cold but fulfilled crowd.

This community came out in a big way to raise money and stretch their legs over 3.1 miles, and each and every one should be proud of an amazing effort on both fronts.


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