Mashpee Chamber of Commerce found the “write” hire

A critical component to the services LIFE provides its residents is assistance in pursuing and holding a purposeful job. Thankfully, a number of local businesses and organizations, such as the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce, have stepped up over the years to offer meaningful employment opportunities. 

The Mashpee Chamber of Commerce, which represents nearly 350 businesses and organizations, has offered volunteer jobs (ranging from event staffing to envelope stuffing) to members of the LIFE community for a number of years, and a couple of those have led to part-time, paid positions. Currently, the office employs one LIFE resident as a writer and blogger. Originally that employee volunteered to help put together the 2014 edition of the Mashpee Magazine, the chamber’s annual guidebook, and the organization was thrilled with her work. Executive Director Mary Lou Palumbo pitched the idea of hiring her to the chamber’s board of directors and it was approved. She now works six hours a week, compiling the weekly bulletin, creating blog posts, updating the events calendar and creating promotional posters. She also continues to contribute to the magazine, which has a run of 30,000 copies each year.

“We’ve had a great experience with her,” said Palumbo. “She’s a talented writer and editor. We were lucky to find her. She was a great fit from the start.”

“By adding another writer, we’ve had no shortage of content,” said executive assistant Katy Acheson. “She’s great with direction and attention to detail.”

Palumbo also describes her as a talented photographer and budding videographer who has had the opportunity to take photos at the chamber’s events — some of which have been published in the local newspapers.

“I’m proud that LIFE is here in town,” said Acheson. “Having diversity of any kind, particularly diversity of skills, is good for the community.”

“It’s important as a community to support LIFE and to give people opportunities and chances, and hopefully we’re setting an example for other businesses,” said Palumbo, who regularly introduces their newest employee at chamber events and promotes the job coaching that LIFE provides in an effort to encourage other businesses to take on new hires. The chamber also has longtime LIFE resident Cynthia Goldberg, a published illustrator, serving on its board of directors.


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