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Mindful Eating Placement

For the past few weeks, LIFE residents have been very lucky to be learning from Kim, Ian, and Justin about Mindfulness Eating. This is one of the many new topics that we are learning in LIFE’s nutrition class on Tuesday afternoon.

Being mindful is a very important thing to have in life. It has taught me to stop and think before I make any decisions on a daily basis and to also take time for myself, even if I need to take a moment to meditate. One tip that has helped me is to slow down and enjoy preparing my meals. Knowing how much you are putting on your plate and how much of each food group you need is a perfect example of being mindful.

There are many tips that you can use for mindfulness eating. For example, stop and take a breath before you start to eat. Use a few of your senses. Your sense of sight, smell, touch, and taste. Another tip is no electronics, such as cell phones, tv, or tablets, while you are eating. Electronics are a distraction and you maybe eating too fast if these are being used while you are eating your meal. Make sure once in a while to also put your fork down after a few bites. Then maybe take a sip of water or whatever you are drinking. Water is the number one drink that you should have every day.

Some experts say a high percentage of people do not realize they are not mindfully eating because they are too busy with their daily routine. But, if you just slow down, and take time for yourself, you will feel less stress. You will also feel good that you can relax and enjoy your meal and not worry what you have to do afterwards. Just focus on you. Enjoy eating and being in the present moment.

I am looking forward to this week’s nutrition class to learn more. Another thing LIFE residents are doing is participating in a Mindfulness Eating Plate contest that Kim set up. We have until May 1 st to create a placemat with all the food groups and use the things we have learned so we can use this going forward when we practice this important life tool.

Amanda C., originally from Chicago, is a resident of the LIFE Mashpee community. Her favorite things to do is work out with LIFE’s fitness trainers and be part of LIFE’s Special Olympics team. She is in the Special Olympics Hall of Fame and was selected as one of four Special Olympics swimmers to attend the 2015 World Games, where she won a couple of medals. Amanda enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, sports, working out, and watching Wheel of Fortune.

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