• Services

    The LIFE Commitment

    Our goal within Supported Independent Living is to work with residents on developing the necessary skills to function as independently as possible within the community. Life coaches work with each resident on developing these skills in their own unique way, all while caring and respecting their individual needs.

    LIFE Coaches

    LIFE Coaches are there to help guide residents in all areas of independent living. Residents meet weekly with their coach to meal plan and grocery shop. Taking a caring approach to focus on daily responsibilities, coaches also work on money management practices. They will assist with the planning of medical appointments and various transportation needs as well, all while modeling a lifestyle approach that results in successful independent living.

    Employment Services

    Employment and volunteer work ensures a fulfilling day for each resident. As a LIFE resident, each individual will work with an Employment Counselor to find a job they truly want. These specialists help with the interview process, job coaching, and job assessment practices. Interview skills are practiced, enabling each person to feel comfortable pursuing and holding a purposeful job. Relationships are cultivated with local businesses, so that residents use their strengths in the workforce.

    Healthy LIFEstyle

    At LIFE, there are fitness centers available for residents 24/7, with private trainers at their disposal to create nutritional goals and work toward achieving them. Group recreational activities are planned, and the community is extremely active in Special Olympics. Nutritional education classes are held weekly as well, encouraging residents to choose the right foods for them on a weekly basis.

    Social LIFE

    At LIFE, there is an activity almost every day of the week, ranging from Men’s and Ladies clubs to Rec Night trips around the Cape Cod area. Meeting up with other residents is important, and these group activities create a great chance for social interaction. Trips to Boston and Martha’s Vineyard are staples on the calendars, in addition to experiencing all the Cape has to offer.