A three-year resident of LIFE’s group home in Centerville, Becca is thriving.

“She’s developed the ability to get things done without any external reminders or praise,” said direct care professional Janell Torrey, who works with Becca and three other housemates.

“I like living with my friends, and I like that there are always fun activities planned at my house,” Becca said. “My staff are awesome and they help me be more independent. We have a lot of fun together.”

LIFE’s group homes are designed for individuals requiring some additional assistance. They receive 24/7 staffing support, as well as access to the LIFE community, facilities and social calendar. Staff assist them toward greater independence, and nursing and clinical support are also available.

“There’s a strong individualized approach in this setting,” Torrey said.

For Becca, employment has been a big part of her success story. She is working at both Marshalls and Express at the Cape Cod Mall, and has mastered public transportation to and from her jobs. On her day off, she attends LIFE’s community-based day service program.

“I like fashion, so my jobs are perfect for me,” said Becca. “My job coaches are patient and always there for me. I want to stay in retail in the future.”

“She has grown in so many ways,” said Torrey. “She’s making healthy choices and she’s so prepared, picking out her outfits for the next day, setting her alarm and packing her lunch. We usually help her with all the little background details, but she’s needed less and less support.”

For more information about LIFE’s residential services, contact us via email [email protected] or call 508-790-3600.