• Club Med Trip

    Imagine waking up for an 8:00AM yoga class at a calm pool overlooking the palm trees, feeling the mild breeze off the water. Then you get to take a short trip to a breakfast spot with a view of the ocean. The day is then filled with unique activities followed by dinner and dancing. Sounds … Continue reading Club Med Trip

  • 12 Days of Fitness

  • Mashpee Chamber of Commerce found the “write” hire

    A critical component to the services LIFE provides its residents is assistance in pursuing and holding a purposeful job. Thankfully, a number of local businesses and organizations, such as the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce, have stepped up over the years to offer meaningful employment opportunities.  The Mashpee Chamber of Commerce, which represents nearly 350 businesses … Continue reading Mashpee Chamber of Commerce found the “write” hire

  • Oscar Nominees for Best Documentary

    The Oscar nominees for best documentary feature have been announced by the film academy. Among the nominees is the film, “Life, Animated”, directed by Roger Ross Williams, a touching movie about autism, excellent on both the perspective of those with autism and those who love them.   Life, Animated is the inspirational account of Owen … Continue reading Oscar Nominees for Best Documentary

  • Jolly Jaunt 2016

    The 2016 Jolly Jaunt was a special one for the LIFE community—the group had the most representatives of any team at the Conference Center in Hyannis. Most importantly, however, was the fact the LIFE raised the most money amongst a very generous and hardworking pool of runners this year. Being the top team in terms … Continue reading Jolly Jaunt 2016

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