Setting goals any time of year, not just at new year’s, is important for us. It helps keep us accountable, and some goals will support us in the long term. Individuals across LIFE’s campuses shared what their goals are for 2023, why they were important, and what motivates them.

“It is important to work towards achieving as much success as you are able to in different areas of life, whether it be health, financial, employment, or social,” says Dee C., a resident at the LIFE Mashpee campus.

Jimmy K. from the Hyannis campus believes that there’s always something to work on in order to better yourself as a person. Jimmy understands that being a better person includes listening to what others have to say and if you have a disagreement, talk about it and understand the other person’s point of view instead of being defensive.

Additionally, Jimmy hopes that this goal will help him build his social skills, which is something his case team supports him with. An example he shared is that his LIFE Coaches give him suggestions and encourage him to be involved with activities in the community that fit his interests while expanding his social group.

Dee, as well as her neighbor at the Mashpee campus, Hal P., have dedicated fitness goals. Dee hopes to run in the annual Falmouth Road Race this year, while Hal hopes to improve his stamina so that he can keep up with his younger nieces. Dee and the fitness coaches in Mashpee coordinate time to exercise in the fitness room weekly. Hal works full-time but his life coaches help him stay on track. His LIFE Coaches supports him with getting motivated to go to the gym and meal prep.

In addition to improving her health and wellness, Dee also wants to work on her independence with utilizing public transportation. Her LIFE Coaches support her in learning how to read a bus schedule and how to map out destinations. She also hopes to do a better job at money management with support from LIFE staff. Dee says that by getting into a routine of setting reminders and having her team show her how to make payments, she’ll gain better financial responsibility.

Tom C. has a goal this year to work independently. Tom receives support from Individual Supports in Centerville. Tom says his LIFE Employment Coach helps him search for jobs in the area that are suitable for his skill set and experiences. His job coaches work on-site with him to practice skills that are needed for Tom to get the job done on his own. In addition to employment supports for this, Tom’s LIFE Coaches in Centerville also help him navigate transportation apps, such as UBER and Lyft, so that he can get to and from work by himself.

All of these individuals have one thing in common — and that is they share the sentiments of the famous Nike motto: just do it! Get more motivated to work on your goals, keep up the good work, and ask for help when you need it. A lot of athletes and other influences use mantras as the trigger point for their motivation. Repeat these positive words to yourself or type it and print it out to post somewhere where you’ll see it.

“No matter your goal, work with it and not against it,” offers Jimmy. Today is a new opportunity to do better.

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